Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Scrobbling from iTunes and Spotify to last FM makes interesting reading for those of us who love a music list. 
Here's the quiz, as based on the RR/spill lastfm group user stats.
'Spill points for each correct answer, and a bonus five 'Spill points if you can see the hidden tiger in the picture above! 

1. Who likes Lady Gaga and Crystal Castles in equal measure? 

2. Who loves Deep Purple twice as much as the second placed band? 

3. Who loves uber credible indie bands but is partial to a bit of u2 when no-one's looking? 

4. Who likes to slip a bit of Take That in with the U2 and Simple Minds? 

5. Who has an epic love for Marillion that runs into hundreds of listens? 

6. Who adores the Beatles, and the theme music from Twin Peaks? 

7. Who thinks Richard Thompson is twice as good as Bruce Springsteen? 

8. Whose top ten is 70% goth? 

9. Who loves the Tindersticks dearly, but may switch them off to listen to a bit of Yello?

10. Who loves soundtracky epics, but also loves to rock out to some Van Halen or AC/DC? 

11. Who has a big soft spot for 80s shoulderpad and big hair powerballadry? 

12. Who likes Belle & Sebastian 30% more than A Tribe Called Quest? 

13. Who has been hammering albums by Mos Def, and Micachu of late? 

14. Who digs Jonathan Richman and 10,000 Maniacs equally? 

15. Who loves sensitive american singer songwriters but turns to Meatloaf when in need of some proper good advice? 

No peeking, now GO FOR IT!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just awaiting the results of the name poll, but with Spilltone at 61%, it seemed like a good time to bag a blogspot!